Montañita: Surf and sunsets in Ecuador

Montañita is a magical place, a small village along the southern coast of Ecuador.The only way to reach Montanita is overland via the Route of the Sun, a beautiful coastal highway running along the Ecuadorian coast.You can get a bus from Guayaquill from the bus station which takes you direct to Montanita.  It will cost you around $6.00 USD maximum to catch a luxury coach.
The heart of town is located off the
main road so yo
u don't have to mind the passing trucks and luxury buses while you have a drink at one of the bars.It is a popular beach among surfers and it certainly has a more laid back, beach bum feel to it. It is nice though with a wide sandy beach and big waves. You can walk to the end of the beach were you can climb some rocks to peek around the bend of the cliff. With every few waves that come crashing against the rocks, a tall spray of water splashes up in front of you.

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