Beautiful Beach Photo

Looks like a really great spot at the beach...

Beautiful Beach Panorama (Florida)

Panorama picture of a beautiful beach in Florida...

Photo: Cayobo (flickr)

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Beautiful Beach on Boracay

White sand and palm trees under the blue sky. This is a beautiful beach on Boracay, a small island of the Philippines...

Beautiful Beach on Boracay


Lonely sandy beach in the Caribbean

The best thing about this beautiful beach in the Caribbean is that there is no one there...


Gazebo Meno : The Best Gili Meno Hotel

The cozy and romantic atmosphere can provide harmony in the honeymoon vacation, two things that Gazebo Meno providing to its guests, those are Romantic and the cozy venue, the private beach, and what most the guests love it for the hotels is the quiet moment in the beach.
As Daniel J the tourist from USA said :  "Very quiet, serene environment. Rooms for like little cabins with a beach not too far from your room"
Gazebo meno is one of the pioneers of the first hotel in Gili meno, besides Gili Meno Bird Park Resort, therefore Gazebo Meno become the fovorite Hotel in Gili Meno for the tourists who visit the Gili meno Island

The Facilities                   :  Restaurants, Room Service, Safety Deposit Boxes, Laundry Service
Price of the Room           :   range from 40 - 60 USD

 Hotel In Gili meno
the room of Gazebo Meno

 Hotel In Gili meno

 Hotel In Gili meno

 Hotel In Gili meno

Hotel In Gili meno

 Hotel In Gili meno
 Hotel In Gili meno
Private Beach
 Hotel In Gili meno
Sun Lounge

Timbanuh : The New Path of Mount Rinjani Trekking

Timbanuh Path of Mount Rinjani Trekking is the new path that just opened, so the facility and its management is not yet complete as the other paths,  But it could be an alternative route for those who like the challenge.

Trekking to Mount Rinjani through Timbanuh only recommended to Plawangan Cemara Rompes ascent, the trekking to Sagara anak lake is not recommended due to the extreme conditions of the path and there is no arrangement for the safety of Climber.

Rinjani Trekking

To get to Timbanuh village, from Mataram, we can use public transportation,we get off at Masbagik and continue with other public transportation toward Timbanuh, the trip is approximately 3 hours driving. In timbanuh, there are climbing guide services but there is no yet service of trekking equipment.

Rinjani Trekking

For who want to try this path, you will experience a new view of Mount Rinjani. From South Pelawangan you can see the crater of Mount Baru Jari clearly, as compared with two other Pelawangan, South Pelawangan closest to Mount Baru Jari.

From Timbanuh path you will also pass some Edelweis field, and you can toward to south peak of  Mount Rinjani , from the top, you could just see the summit of Rinjani from the distance that is not too far but you can not go there because it is hindered  about 230 m, and estimated water content as many as 1375 million m3, dumping excess water contained in the northeast coast of the lake namely Kokok Puteq you'll find a hot  pool which is called Aik Kalak.

 See you in the next Lombok Island Trips

Photo taken from : BelantaraIndonesia.Com


Torean : Mount Rinjani Trekking Tours [ 2 ]

On the last post " Mount Rinjani trekking Tours ", we have discussed 2 trekking paths that most climbers go through to get to Sagara Anak lake and Top of Mount Rinjani. This time I would  tell you the other two paths, that may consider as the other way to get  other charm, or even the atmosphere of the landscape.

Torean Path  

Torean Route usually only used for local hikers or the native who want to do religious ritual in Segara Anak Lake. even so, the path of Torean has unique characteristics compared to other pathways.

Rinjani Trekking
From Bayan To Torean using Motorcycle Taxi
The Ascent through the Torean is a Trekking through the valley to Lake Segara Anak. Compared to others the path is not too steep, just right or left of the trekking is a cliff that needs to be extra carefully. The Objects that can be observed throughout the journey are Penimbungan Waterfall, Pancor Mas waterfaall, the cave named SUSU with the warm pool, Waterfall Hot-Cold and cross Kokok Putik river, it is an interesting experience trekking tour from Torean village.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour

Rinjani Trekking Tour
Panimbungan waterfall

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Rinjani Trekking
Pancoran Mas Waterfall

Along this path, from the village Torean to the river Tiu (Mount rinjani National Park boundary) which is the firs shelter, you can find the fields, pastures, plantations and a production forest.

The distance from shelter 3 of Torean path toward Plawangan Torean is about ± 3.50 km with an inclination of -40 ± 30%, along the way we will be in a clamp 2 pieces of the mountain and we also enjoy the flow of the river (Kokok) White.

 Time Trekking Tours 

Mataram - Torean ( took a time 4 - 5 hours by public transportation )
Torean  - Sagara Anak lake ( 9 - 10 hours by foot )

picture :


This is the Cheap One Of Gili Meno Hotels

Gili Meno is one of  Gili Islands in South Lombok that became most visited lately, increasing the Hotels in gili meno, indicate the island will become one of the main Lombok Tourism, besides Senggigi Beach and Gili trawangan island, you can stay in Gili Meno All day and you do not have to worry about Gili Meno Hotels.

The Union Chairman of Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants of West Nusa Tengara Gusti Lanang Patra said "the hotels in Mataram and surrounding area continues to increase, not include the budget hotels, the rooms of Hotels has reached 3000 units. In 2012 followed by the government program "VISIT LOMBOK AND SUMBAWA 2012", the Hotels in Lombok Island indeed to increase including in Gili Meno.
The Following are the new Gili Meno Hotels that may consider to stay in while you going to spend the night there.

1. Gili Garden Bungalow.
Just 10 minutes walking to Gili meno beach, this Gili Meno Hotel offering the bungalow with a fan, wardrobe  and a private terrace to seat and enjoy.

Gili Meno Hotels

Gili Meno HOtel

Gili Meno accommodation

gili meno hotels

bathroom hotel

This bungalow is very simple, a building with one bedroom and bathroom rent with a price range of 20-25 dollars per night. There is a cafe which is just 5 minutes walking, serve any kind of Indonesian and western Foods. the deficiency of the Gili Garden Bungalow service is there is no wifi or connection Internet.

2. Bareng-Bareng Bungalow
A Inn with Similar concept by Gili Garden, Bungalow which has concept of traditional Lombok House, build not so far from the white sand of Gili Meno Beach, This Gili Meno Hotel rent for 20-26 USD per night.


hotel in Gili Meno

cheap Hotel in Gili Meno

3. We'Be Cottages.
Still in the same concept, but more little bit modern and styled. to stay in the cottage you have to pay 25-31  USD per night.

gili meno hotels

toilet hotel

4. My Gili Cottages
In this Cottage, you can access the Internet cause there is Wifi facilities and charge sare applicable.

The 4 of Gili Meno Hotels / Cottages has a same concept and building and also the price. so for the backpackers it may a good Hotels to stay in the Gili Meno Islands and hope you enjoy it......


Mount Rinjani Trekking Tours

The Mount Rinjani is one of the favorite mountain in Indonesia which has been well-known overseas, with its beauty, attracting many tourists and climbers trekking to the summit of Mount Rinjani to see the beautiful Sagara Anak lake. Trekking Tour to Mount Rinjani highly recommended on April to November,in other words it is good to trek in Dry season.

Mount Rinjani

Path Of Trekking Tours

There are 4 pathways of trekking tour to the top of Mount Rinjani, one of which I wrote on this blog, namely Path of Senaru,

The paths Four that is part of The Mount Rinjani National Park area, offering many hotels or Inn, they also offer trekking Tour Guide services and climbing equipment, Therefore the rights for those of you who want to climb, but do not bring supplies, can be rented at the Post first ascent.

Mount Rinjani Trekking

1.Mount Rinjani Trekking  From Senaru 

Path of Senaru is indeed often used for the trekkers, it become one of the favorite because, including the shorter distance and more shade, path of Senaru characterized a fairly typical lush tropical forests, but the track is quite uphill. To reach the village of Senaru, you can read Senaru Travel Guide

In Senaru Shelter you must registry / report the amount of climbers and pay for the retribution of the Mount Rinjani National Park.

Rinjani Trekking

The trekking start by passing the plantation and enter the forest. Once past Mondokon Lolak shelter ( third Shelter which are at the level of a 2000 m.dpl ) that took a time about 5 hours, we will arrive at Pelawangan Senaru that we can reach after walking for 2 hours from third shelter. In pelawangan Senaru we can see the peak of Rinjani and Segara Anak lake. To reach the lake, we must go down a fairly steep hill. and Form the lake, we can go ahead to camp in Segara Anak Base camp.
If we want to continue the journey to the top of the Mount Rinjani, we must go back to Pelawangan Senaru, and in the morning, at 2 am, we can continue trekking to the summit. to enjoy the sunrise ....

2. Trekking From Sembalun

Sembalun (1,150 m.dpl) is a path that is quite easy to reach by public transportation. In the terminal of Mataram City is available public transportation subject Mataram - Aikmel . it is About 1 hour driving to Aikmel, continue by other public transportation towards Sembalun.

note:  taking by public transportation from mataram to Aikmel should leave early in the day, as a vehicle to Aikmel only at 12:00 PM.

After registering at the guard enterance of Sembalun, Trekking Tour will begin by entering the vast savanna and going through the 3 main shelters, it took a time about 4 hours.
Path of Sembalun is a sloping path, but the trekking path is very difficult anyway, because the trekking we passed is a vast expanse of savanna that make our bodies quickly exhausted by the scorching sun.

Before reaching the third shelter ( Padabalang Shelter ) we will be faced by a crossroads which separates the right way to the Penyesalan hill and the left way to Penderitaan hill, in this case, we go ahead to the Penderitaan Hill. we will pass nine hills before arrive in Pelawangan Sembalun (2639 m.dpl). The journey is about 4 hours.  

Pelawangan Sembalun is a junction or the last shelter to reach the top of mount Rinjani or go down to Sagara Anak Lake. In this place we can set up a tent with a view of Sagara Anak lake and mountain Barujari just below the Camp.

The trekking tour to the top of Mount Rinjani by climbing the crater rim is a tiring journey, with a loose sandy, make our step backwards hampered because when we step, we will go down a half step, it was a fun trip at the end of a height of 200 meters before the summit.  

There are Two other trekking paths that will post in other content

wish this content is useful for those are going to Lombok Island and wanna go to trekking Tour to Mount Rinjani 



Beautiful Beach on the Isla Partida

This beautiful beach is located on the Isla Partida in the Gulf of California. The island is part of the San Lorenzo Marine Archipelago National Park and protected by UNESCO as biospheres.

Photo: Public Domain


The Early History Of The Origin Name Of Bali

The arrival of a Maha Rsi Markandeya , the 7th century had a major impact on the lives of the people of Bali. He is a hemit on mount Raung, East Java.

One day he got the magic wishper of God to reside in the east of the island of Dawa ( the Island of Java now). Dawa means the lenght, because it used to be that the islands of java and Bali were the mainland.

Followed by 800 followers, he began moving toward the east which is still wilderness. when he arrived in the west area of Bali, Now named as jembrana, many of his followers were killed by tigers and snakes that inhabit in the forest. Finally he decided to return to Mount Raung to meditate and seek new followers.

With the strong spirit and determination, he traveled for the second time and arrived at the foot of Mount Agung, where now is the place called Basakih.

Prior to his followers cleared the forest, he carried out the ritual planting of Panca Dhatu, namely the five types of metals that are believed to be able to withstand the hazards.Deforestation was done to bring success to his followers and the are was used for paddy fields, building farms, hauses and temples called Wasukih ( Besakih).

In this place he taught religion to his followers to call God by name Sanghyang Widhiwasa, by the way of worshiping the sacred light ( Solar Sewana ) three time a day, complate with equipment for bebali / offering that contain three elements: Water, Fire and fragnant flowers.

Bali map

gradually, his followers began to spread intothe surronding area, so the area is named as Bali, a region that uses all Bebali (offering)
It can be concluded that the name comes from the word Bebali, meaning Offering

Confirmed again in the book of the Ramayana who complied 1200SM : " There is a place in the eastern DawaDwipa named ValiDwipa, where God is given plesure by the inhabitants of Bebali ( offering)."

DwipaVali, Vali is the name for island which was then transformed into phonemes, or the island of Bali offering. This interpretation is not wrong to see the Balinese did not get away from  in carrying out their daily lives


Gili Trawangan Accommodation : Gili Eco Villas, It is perfect Villa

Gili Trawangan is the most phenomenal gili in Lombok compared by other Gilis, the Gili island make a policy, it has no Car, No Motorbike and No dog to ensure the cleanness of the island, so we don't have to worry about the air we've breathe.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

And when we are talking about the Gili trawangan Accommodation, There are more than 50 accommodations , from the cheap hotel to the exclusive Villa are here.and this time you will know one of the exotic villa in Gili Trawangan, Located on Gili trawangan, Gili Eco Villas is a beachfront getaway with solar energy. It offers an outdoor pool, massage services, and a glass-bottom boat tour.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Eco Villas can be reached via boat transfer service operating between Bali, Gili Trawangan and Lombok. The journey will take between 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on departure point.

Villas at Gili Eco equipped with furniture made ​​from recycled teak wood. The living room has a comfortable rattan sofa, while the kitchen includes a gas stove and refrigerator. Each villa has an open shower area.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

this gili trawangan accommodation is perfect for the family tour,you can rent a very wide Villa with the ocean view, and it has a private beach too. you can check-in at 12.00 pm and check out at 10.00 pm.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

For one big Villa with 2 Room you can rent only 210 USD per night, you can pay by credit card ( Mastercard)