Path to a very beautiful Beach

Looks like there's a very beautiful beach at the end of this path. Especially the turquoise water looks very nice...

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Delodbrawah Beach In Bali

Delodbrawah Beach Bali
Delodbrawah Beach has ramps and flat beaches with black sand kemilauan. The form of elongated beaches make many tourists can freely do a variety of activities such as sunbathing, swimming, or watch the sun set. Like other beaches Delodbrawah Beaches, diBali also presents the phenomenon of the sunset was magnificent, beautiful and charming.

Desert Healer Rheumatism

In addition to the charming sunsetnya, Coast Delodbrawah is also famous for its black sand and it is said that many people believe with a (good) could cure rheumatic diseases. Therefore, many tourists who visit the coast Delodbrawah for sightseeing all also to cure the disease. So, once the paddle, two to three islands exceeded.
Then what about the means of penunjangnya? As a tourist attraction, the beach Delodbrawah also have started to include a means of supporting Tours provided for each visitor, such as public toilets, shelter to relax along the coast. With the beauty and the flatness of its shores are flat, beach Delodbrawah start crowded for leisure or swim.
To the North of Delodbrawah there is an arena which is the best arena Mekepung across Bali, because the Mekepung arena can be used on wet atmosphere. Mekepung was an attraction or show a very interesting racing shootout, in which two male Buffalo would pull a cikar a serves as a Jockey and as a controller on it that will be mutually berbalapan with other participants-participants. Mekepung is full of uniqueness and distinctiveness of Java, so this makes the Mekepung attractions attraction for foreign tourists.

Location Of Delodbrawah

Delodbrawah Beach in the village of Delodbrawah, Mendoyo, Jembrana Regency. If from the direction of Denpasar, you live driving westward to the coast of Delodbrawah which is about 88 km.


Balian Beach Bali

Balian Beach Bali
Bali has a lot of beautiful beaches, defiant and very impressive. It is become one of the island of the gods is never lonely tourists arriving from different areas in Indonesia and abroad. They come with a variety of desires, there is only a view and look at the beauty of its beaches, enjoy seafood (seafood) at the edge of the beach, swimming, surfing and more. Character of the beaches in Bali are indeed different and you can visit the beach to suit your wishes, to surf for example.

Specifically for surfing Bali, again giving option that quite a lot, one of which is the coast of Balian. It has the characteristics of large waves and high making it the ideal location for surfing. Some call this beach has waves regional classic is suitable for a wide variety of surfer level. Balian beach is also known by the type of waves that reef-rockly i.e. moving from right to left direction

This beach is not much visited by tourists although it looks very charming and amazing viewnya. Maybe because not only are popular and known among surfers mania. For those of you who intend to surf this place are advised to arrive before 11: 00 noon because the wind will blow strong army so that it can menbantu Your surfing activities. For the strength and length of the waves themselves can be said to be normal, but it has a fast and regular frequencies.
Fee for memasukia acreage is quite cheap, only Rp 2,000 to Rp 5,000 and motor for the car. If you intend to stay, easily can be found along the route to the coast. Here also have solid fair the vendors selling a variety of food and drink, including beaches, seafood specialties. And if the evening before, a lot of foreigners often have a party to enjoy a night on the beach this Balian.
Balian Beach precisely in the village Lalalinggah, West Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali – Indonesia. The distance is approximately 84 Miles from the port of Gilimanuk or 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai airport.


Baluk Rening Beach

Baluk Rening Beach
Again it is not much visited by tourists like in Sanur, Nusa Dua or Kuta, yet has its own uniqueness Rening Baluk.A visit to the beach is not only able to pamper your eyes and relaxes the mind, but can also treat a variety of ailments such as rheumatism and gout. Yeah right, the sand Gritty Rening believed could cure diseases especially those mentioned above by means of piles and Submerse the sea water all over the body.
The day apparently more and more tourists visiting the Baluk Rening for the purpose of bathing, just unwind, medical treatment, and a lot more other things are done here. Rening Baluk is in fact already become attractions in Jembrana Regency it long enough and were developed in the early 1990s, but due to the brunt of the mighty storm the economic crisis makes the name Baluk Rening dims.

Domestic tourists, especially those that come from Java island with driving a car, can travel to the attractions of Baluk Rening, to try the benefits of seawater and sand can try healing a supposedly some of the disease. Of course to come there, should be on the day or morning. The location of this tourist attraction, located about four kilometers south of the main streets of Denpasar Gilimanuk, southwards from 5 kilometers to the West of the country.
Some restaurants have been around in the Rening Baluk is that you can visit when hunger ambush. There is also a budget Hotel that has dozens of rooms in case there are tourists who intended to spend the night on the beach.Paca-the economic crisis of 1998 and the bomb blast in Bali a few years ago, Rening Baluk began first settled and expect more and more tourists coming for a visit so that this attraction is getting more and more famous and giving income streams.
Location Of Baluk Rening
The beach is situated in Rening Baluk country, Jembrana Regency, Bali.


Beautiful Beach at the California Coast

This picture was taken on a cloudy day at Santa Barbara, CA. Even in january the beach is very beautiful...

Beautiful Beach at the California Coast
Photo: Damian Gadal

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Bali Island Entered the world's top 5 large

Who does not know Bali? Beauty and exoticism of the island was famous among world travelers. In fact, the island of the gods is entered in the list of the world's best Island 5 version reported by the BBC that Travel on Wednesday (30/11/2011).

"Surrounded by the warm water of the Indian Ocean, Bali is one of 17,500 islands in the archipelago of Indonesia," the BBC'S description about Bali that is positioned in the second number in the 5 best island in the world.

"Among other islands that are full of color, and even after several decades of development of tourism in other islands in Indonesia, Bali remains fertile and was awarded the beauty that is unparalleled," assessment of the BBC Travel.

In addition to the Bali there are several other islands that fall into the list of the best island in the world. The first position is occupied by the island of Santorini, Greece. In the third sequence of Cape Breton, Canada, then in the next sequence of Boracay Island, the Philippines, and in the last sequence of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. yar, Bali

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