7 most beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Beloved country Indonesia as it has many beautiful beaches and interesting to visit. not even just locals, tourists mancanegarapun really like the beach in Indonesia and they chose a visit to Indonesia just to enjoy the beauty of the coast of Indonesia. our auto summary the following 7 of the most beautiful Beaches in Indonesia :

 Beach Senggigi, Lombok
1. Beach Senggigi, Lombok
Beach Senggini Beach which is quite well known in the area. It is located on the West coast of Lombok island. This beach offers panoramic views of its bottom is very beautiful, and tourists can do snorkling till you drop because the waves are quite friendly
For the tourists do not visit this dipantai am afraid, because it's already there are hotels that are affordable enough for those who have the budget barely fitting.......

  • The charm of a dazzling coral reefs
  • Hotels and Restaurants at reasonable prices
2. the Kuta Beach, Bali
Kuta Beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung Regency. This area is a popular tourist destination, tourists, and has become a mainstay of the tourist island of Bali since the early 1970s.
 Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach also known as Sunset Beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur Beach. In Kuta there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and places of steam and drying yourself.

  • Panoramic View Of The Sunset
  • Create waves Surfing
  • Easy access to the city
  • Hotels, restaurants, and bars around the beach
3. beaches of Plengkung
This beach is called Plengkun because its curved (plengkung) off the southeast coast of the island of Java has a fantastic plengkung waves. No wonder that many tourists who come to this place.
beaches of Plengkung

The sea of high waves that make this beach extends into the paradise of surf. Alas, to reach this location should be a sea of Banyuwangi or Bali. For if by road should be through the alas Purwo National Park with steep access road. Make sure your vehicle is a 4WD.


  • Surfing
  • Sunset view
  • Nature natural
  • Turtle landings on the East side.

4. beautiful coast, Pangandaran
The beautiful beach of Pangandaran is a beach located on the South coast. According to Asia Rooms, the best beaches on the island of Java in the beach tourism object West Java.
 beautiful coast, Pangandaran

This beach is located in the village of Roe, Town of Pangandaran, a distance of approximately 92 km south of Ciamis. the beach is much sought after by locals and foreign tourists, so it can be used as an alternative to your travel destination.


  • Sunset and Sunrise
  • The beach clear water ramps
  • The white sand.
  • Good road access
  • The Marine Park contains marine life
5. Beach Parai Mackerel, Bangka Belitung
Parai Beach Mackerel Beach offers the charm of family tourism. The beach is located in the area of the Matras, Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung is often made into tourist attractions and is famous for its granite rocks of various sizes.
 Beach Parai Mackerel, Bangka Belitung

  • Outbound Facilities
  • Water Sports

6. Parangtritis, Yogyakarta
The beach is a coastal tourist attractions of Indian Ocean Beach that is located approximately 25 kilometers south of the city of Yogyakarta tourism object is quite famous in Yogyakarta, in addition to other beach destinations like Samas, Kukup, Krakal, Baron and Glagah beach.
Parangtritis, Yogyakarta

The beach has a unique landscape which is not found in other tourist destinations. The moment suro's (Moon Muhharam) this place is visited to perform the ritual.

  • The charm of the South Sea waves
  • The beach which extends from East to West
  • Food and lodgings
7. coast of Pameungpeuk, Garut West JavaEA
Pameungpeuk coast is located in the southern part of the city of Garut in West Java, dipantai is the outermost islands of Indonesia Island Santolo. the island is very interesting to visit because of the richness of nature that there is this dipantai really amaze the tourists.
Beach Pameungpeuk, Garut West Java

  • The charm of the sea waves santolo reaches nearly 5meter
  • There are outlying islands of Indonesia
  • A very affordable lodging, and hospitality of the inhabitants

Papuma beach in East Java

Peta menuju Pantai PapumaPapuma beach is one of the unique beaches that exist in Indonesia. Pantai completes the list of beaches in Indonesia that is famous for its beauty. Rocks form reefs that sometimes senseless reflected clear and amazing you can find on the coast of Pantai.

Papuma beach is located in the village of Lojejer, Kecamatan Wuluhan, Kabupaten Jember, East Java. A cluster of reefs are in the middle of the sea and of course being a typical attraction of
Papuma beach. From the city of Jember you have to travel about 45 miles to the South. The Beach also has a temperature between 25-32 degrees Celsius.

On the beach there is Papuma batu karang high off the coast. Due to its height, this reef called Siti Hinggil (Javanese: Highland). To be able to see the beauty of the sea off the coast of Pantai Siti Hinggil, you can rent a fishing boat. Rock with a height of more than 50 mdpl you can use views to see the sights of the Lawa Cave (Javanese: bat cave) which has a depth of more than 30 mdpl. Lawa cave can be reached at a time when the water was receding. Purportedly, this location was the site of Kyai bertapanya Mataram.

Karang 50 meterCoral meterAda 50 is more fascinating than the coral-lined, white sand and panorama sunset (sunset) increasingly add to the beauty that is perfect. Do not stone unturned, adacagar natural tropical jungle all around the beach is always used for the fairgrounds each on 1-10 Spain and Larung Offerings.

As a beach that has a lot of natural beauty and has been maintained as tourist attractions, Pantai Beach is equipped with several supporting facilities for the convenience of visitors. These facilities include a playground, a tent, souvenirs, food and drink stalls, Office Manager, musala, SANITARY FACILITY, and parking. For those who want to stay, there's plenty of lodging that you can rent.
Access to the beach of Pantai

Access road to the beach is already nice and paved. This beach can be reached by car, bike or rent a car with a price of around Rp. 150.000,-. In fact, any kind of vehicle could come this way. However, until now the management and development of Pantai impressed is done sekadarnya. But if only this area is well developed, it is not impossible to bring in revenues that are not small, either for the local government as well as the Forestry Department as its owner.

The Forestry Department has recently lost the Tangkubah the boat as an asset because it is not able to manage with optimal. Or, for the sake of a more professional tourism management should be diswastakan. You can see Indrayanti, which was a lot of trash is now nice and tidy even says classmate with Kuta Beach Bali.
The Promotion Of Handicrafts Jember

The number of tourists who visited the Pantai will at least be a means to introduce the results of the craft community and food typical of Jember. Currently the Forestry Department as the Manager and owner of Pantai wisata, clearly will benefit from sales revenue or the Inn.

Compared with the beach next to it i.e. Watu Ulo, Pantai has a number of advantages. In between, the waves crashing on the beach with white sand is not too big so as to allow children or visitors can enjoy it while frolicking on the beach. Its location is quite extensive (50 acres) and can be used as a place to relax. There is also a forest of monkeys it could add to the Pantai exotica.
The Other Hand The Charm Of Pantai

Pantai beauty not only limited to that. On the other side of this area, there is a stretch of beaches with pebbles. At the top of the Pebble Beach or at the top of the Hill, stands a shack used visitors to enjoy vast tracts of the South Sea. It is a pity, such a beautiful Pantai potential, but not yet under cultivation is optimal.
Map to the Papuma beach

Recorded, of foreign tourists there are a pair of French tourists who visited the coast of Pantai and Pantai Beach stated that beauty is indeed very exotic. They endure to linger on the edge of the floor just to watch the children bathing in the sea. "The beach is very beautiful and cool. I see it a lot on the outskirts of trees and forests. It's very convenient to be taken ", they said.


Tour the Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul Bali

Tour the Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul Bali
Bali Treetop Adventure Park can be said to be the largest amusement and adventure in Indonesia. this park has a variety of specially designed circuit with its own difficulty level. For those of you who have an adventurous spirit will certainly stop at the Park and try to feel what the thrill and adventure in the Treetop Adventure Park.

Located in the area that could be said about the same Interestingly with the area of Ubud, Bali Treetop Adventure Park has its own sensation. The location of this adventure has at least five circuits have been designed specifically under the supervision of consultants from Europe, namely from France. So there is no reason for the concerned while trying the thrill at one of the circuit in the Park.
There are several types of circuit which can be tried in Bali Treetop in accordance with age and challenges such as:
-Yellow Squirrel
Treetop circuit are low, especially designed for children from 4 years of age.
-Green Squirrel
The circuit is designed specifically for kids with a little bit more challenging with the height of platforms up to 5 m. the circuit the circuit is also the stage introductions to adults with a real challenge. In this circuit, which frighten can still smile.
-Dancing with Trees (Blue Circuit)
The oscillatory circuit with a lot of challenges, and a flying-fox is longer. Height of platforms up to 8 m.
-Emotion (Red Circuit)
The circuit with the height of platforms up to 11 m for those who dare pass through the jump tarzan will enjoy flying-fox with a length of 160 m.
-Adrenaline (The Black Circuit)
The most challenging circuit!! Courage and physical ability to perform the much-needed leap Tarzan that makes your breath bated. Height of platforms up to 20 m.

The Patrol Guide will explain how the activities in Bali Treetop, how to wear equipment, and will give a briefing about safety rules that you should obey all the time at the time of his activities in Bali Treetop. The Patrol Guide also will be at strategic points around the circuit, at any time on hand to supervise, advise and provide assistance if required – they will provide support to you from the top or from the bottom of the tree.
Bali Treetop Adventure Park is located in Bedugul Botanical Garden Yellow Temple, North Bali


Istana Siak In Riau

  Istana Siak In Riau
Kingdom of Siak is a Malay Islamic Kingdom, the largest in the region of Riau, occurring in Siak Regency Srindrapura, with a mileage of about 2-3 hours from the city of Pekanbaru. The Kingdom of Siak reached heyday in the 16th century to the 20th century. The line of sultans of Siak Sri Indrapura was started in 1725 with the 12 sultan who once ruled. Now, as historical evidence of the greatness of Islamic Malay Kingdom in Riau Area, we can see the remains of a palace complex that was built by the Kingdom of Siak, Sultan Assyaidis Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Loretta in 1889 with the name ASSIRAYATUL HASYIMIAH complete with tools. Now the Royal Palace of Siak Sri Indrapura was the repository of the Royal collection of objects.


Most popular attractions in Hanoi Viet Nam

The capital of the State of Viet Nam has fallen into oblivion is lost if compared Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City. Remain guaranteed, some attractions of Hanoi's old city, which is more than 1,000 years old no less Interestingly. Label it ' mother city ', but Hanoi still much to say. Hence mode of transportation in the city is also less good. Only there are motorcycle taxis, city buses and taxis.

His condition was also less ' reassuring '. But calm, a lot of fun here. What is it? Yes, cheap. It is already well known, sightseeing in Hanoi that reason. Understandably, the rupiah is valued higher than the Dong currency, Viet Nam. Without many words, get on with it:

Objek Wisata di Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake: it is said, is the most beautiful Lake se-Hanoi. According to the story, formerly Hanoi was the Red River. In time, the River was shallow parts evolved, became a town and in a lake. One of Hoan Kiem Lake. So it's only natural if an awful lot of lakes in the city. Until the city was dubbed the 1,000 lakes. This place is often used as photo of the newlyweds. Hanoi residents believe, after getting married, they ' must ' take on Hoan Kiem Lake as the milestones of family life the romance started.
Objek Wisata di Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: no to Hanoi if no visit to this place. Here, visitors can see the remains of Uncle Ho, Mr. Viet Nam who looked like someone sleeping. Its location in Duong Hung Vuong Street. Interestingly, there is one simple platform. The House was formerly inhabited by Uncle Ho, even after the elected President. It as a form of solidarity to the people of Viet Nam still living in deprivation. Decent emulated!

Objek Wisata di Hanoi

Ba Dinh District: Former Imperial Palace. Although there have been many parts are destroyed by age and the Viet Nam war, the remnants of its beauty still ' feels '. A variety of buildings such as pagodas, temples, gardens, as well as many important monuments can be found here. The buildings that were once mostly dedicated to Russia, Lenin's Communists and the father of the State of Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh City.

Objek Wisata Hanoi

Dong Xuan market: this market is the oldest and largest in Hanoi. For you who are looking for gift shop, it feels obliged to this market. Guaranteed, You will buy different souvenirs are cheap. Lots of funny souvenirs being sold at a price of between Rp 3,000 to Rp 25,000. Shopping in Viet Nam would have been nice because the value of the rupiah higher than Dong (currency of Viet Nam).

Objek Wisata Hanoi
Van Phuc Silk Village: it's a haven for the traveler whose hobby with a silk cloth. When else buy a silky smooth fabric that cost under USD 100 thousand? Perhaps only in ' the village '. Van Phuc Silk Village is located a bit far from the center of Hanoi, about 8 km in the direction of the District of Dong Ha. This place can be reached by motorcycle, bus or taxi. All transportation can be used to get to heaven is silks.

Objek Wisata Hanoi

Halal Food: food in Hanoi is indeed seductive. But for the Muslims, the choice is indeed not too much. In countries such as Indochina, halal restaurants limited restaurant India and Malaysia. The price is sometimes more expensive than the food in General. Typically, the kosher restaurant would write ' halal ' in the menu or in the name of the restaurant. Some halal restaurants, among others, the Tandoor (India) in Hang Be 24. Other restaurants include The Belango Stalls (Malaysia) located in 26 Ong Ich Khiem located around Ba Dinh District. There is also Khazaana (India) in kegs and IC.

Hotel di Hanoi
Rising Dragon Palace Hotel: the Hotel is located on Nguyen Quang Bich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Old Quarter-. Strategic enough to enjoy the city of Hanoi in its entirety. Tourists love this hotel because of the excellent facilities and services.

The price to stay at this hotel are also not too expensive. If you book a room through the site messaging in the internet, you'll get promo price. For deluxe rooms, the fare is not up to Usd 400 thousand per night.

Hotel di Hanoi
The Jasmine Hotel: it is located in Hoan Kiem District, very close to the Hoan Kiem Lake. The hotel is quite small but very liveable. The family is also not a problem.

The cheapest fares are around Rp 200 thousands. For you who don't like noisy, ask the reservation clerk not to put you in a room that is close to the road. A number of tourists have complained is too noisy.
Hotel di Hanoi
Hanoi Hotels Aurora: two stars Hotel is situated in Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Old Quarter-. Originally, it was named Hanoi Emerald Hotel. The location is perfect for you who want to get around Hanoi.


The most beautiful water tourism in indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its beautiful sights, one of which is an awful lot of water Tourism we encounter in areas or islands in Indonesia. In: when so many existing water tourism in Indonesia is less known by the public at large.

From so many places, the most beautiful water and cool in Indonesia only water attractions of Bali's most known by world travelers. But still so much the most beautiful water attractions in Indonesia that they should already be a world tour.

For you who want to take a vacation and looking for water attractions, there are a few references to the 7th place among the most beautiful and cool water in Indonesia.

Derawan Island

Derawan Islands, located in the subdistrict of the Derawan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. In the waters surrounding there is a marine park and is known as a diving tours (diving) with a depth of about five meters. There is a wide range of marine life here, including the squid (cuttlefish), lobster, fish pipe (ghostpipe fish), Octopus (octopus bluering), nudibranchs, seahorses, eels (seahorses) Ribbon (ribbon eels) and fish skorpion (scorpionfishes). Agan jg can see turtles directly

Suhom Waterfall

Suhom waterfall is located in the forest area of Cape Peropa Nature Reserve which has extensive 38.937 Ha. Konawe Regency is located precisely in the East or around 60 km from the town of Kendari, capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province. Beauty wrapped in an atmosphere of serene and breezy wind flow so cool is the gift of nature that was very amazing for travelers bekunjung. In the tourist area of this waterfall is also a potential wealth of natural stone such as marble. Expected, the overall content of the marble range 860 billion cubic meters. Marble in this region is one of the largest sources of marble reserves in the world.


Remember when laskar pelangi kan gan, definitely tw artistic granite, crystal clear seawater, and the sandy beach which is really white, not found anywhere else


White sand stretches, it is in its view of NTB under is very beautiful, and tourists can do snorkling till you drop because the waves are not too big. Coral reefs, towering waves cause discord broke out in the middle of the magnitude

Tanjung Bira

Bulukumba Regency is located in Tanjung bira South Sulawesi is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and fun. Crystal clear water, good for swimming and sunbathing. Here we can enjoy the sunrise and sunset with light that Shimmers nenbersit on the white sand along tens of kilometers.
Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon)
It is located in Ciamis, West Java

Mentawai Islands

An island in West Sumatra. Culture and pristine natural environment.


Sawarna Beach in Banten

panorama sawarna beach
Sawarna beach is the site of new shore excursions on the southern side of Banten Province. And since the 2000s started a lot of visitors who visit the beach Sawarna. The name of the popular Sawarna Beach through cyberspace and includes new attractions that are popular in this century. Other attractions that are potential to become new tourist attractions is the Indrayanti Beach in Yogyakarta and Padang Mountain Site in Cianjur of West Java.

This area was once a forest of coast known as the village of Stealth. The former village of stealth that has now risen to become a tourist destination that is more interesting than the harbor Queen in Sukabumi. This beach is located in a single shoreline with Harbor Queen. This area can be said to be a new Pearl in southern Banten.

It has uniqueness. The beach gate Sawarna with the village Sawarna are separated by a shallow stream that is wide enough. Anyone who wants to go to the village must pass through a hanging wooden bridge. Of course in a unique and challenging experience into a moderate following the outbound.
Location and access

Sawarna beach is located in the village of Sawarna, district of Bayah, Lebak, Banten. Is 150 km from Rangkasbitung, Lebak District. Charm Beach Sawarna very lengkapdengan the presence of spectacular and challenging waves for surf sports lovers. One of my favorite locations foreign surfers was Ciantir.

The Government has not seen the serious potential for coastal tourism Sawarna. It is not apparent from the directions on the unmarked road REGULATIONS in a green color output. In addition, the road to the beach is also still not adequate. But don't worry, lover of beach tourism and photography have been many that reviews beauty and sundries Sawarna beach. Including the existence of this site is to present the information potential of the beach Sawarna.

Sawarna beach can be reached from two directions, i.e. of Jakarta to the West via Pandeglang or from Jakarta to the South via the harbor Queen in Sukabumi and along the southern coast. The route Jakarta-Tangerang-Tigaraksa-Lebak Malingping-Cikotok-could take 6.5-7 hours. Are Jakarta-Sukabumi Route via the port of Queen need only 4.5 hours only. In General, for the time being through Sukabumi more comfortable with a nicer way of Lebak plus as much natural charm during the trip. If the local Government of Banten makes access to Sawarna Beach with its four lanes as Tigaraksa, would certainly be quicker through Tigaraksa-Lebak.
The Beauty Of Sawarna Beach

According to local residents the utterance, for now at least it's been hundreds of visitors every day. And visit a few hours still feels less to explore all the charms of nature around the beach Sawarna. Indeed there is no maintainer who prepared a wide range of facilities and information but many locals who take the initiative to create a homestay with IDR 120.000,-per person per day including meals.

Homestay conditions are relatively the same. It's just that there are owners who purposely equip facilities with air conditioning and satellite TV. One of them is the Hula-hula Homestay, you can contact Mrs. Mila in the mobile number 081646992036.

If there's time, squeeze to stay 2-3 days on the beach Sawarna. Around this area there are many beautiful nature is still Virgin aka have not developed into tourist attractions. The exotic places such as Cape Island, Screen Bowl (Cipamadangan), the island Villages, and the caves of Laylay. The cave of bats is Laylay because inhabited thousands of wild bats. And just maybe it could be batman in the cave of Laylay.

With the beauty of nature on the coast of Sawarna, many lovers of photography exploration. Many foreign tourists who have visited, one of them from Denmark. Hopefully with the abundance of news coverage in cyberspace (internet), the local government is aware of to advance this area became a favourite tourist spots with adequate road access.


The Tomb Of Koto High

"objek wisata di siak riau"

A Complex Of Tombs Of High Koto Siak

Koto High tomb complex located on the East side of the Palace of Siak. The grave is in the complex such as the mausoleum of Sultan Syarif Hashim and his father, along with the Royal family and other relatives. The Tomb complex are 15 x 15 square meters. Nisan of the Tomb contained here are all carved with very intricate and beautiful made of wood and marble.

Recreational Rides Jungleland

wahana rekreasi terbesar di Indonesia
The largest recreational vehicle in IndonesiaJungleland present as attractions of international class in Indonesia. Jungleland accompany Dufan Ancol by becoming the biggest thematic parks in Indonesia under the management of PT Asian and Jungleland opened in the area of Sentul City Nirvana, Sentul, Bogor. These sights will stand in the area 40 Ha and has 33 type of game specifically to arrive from Germany and Italy.

Jungleland opened on December 12, 2012. Jungleland has four thematic zones namely Carnival, Eksplora, Mysteria and Tropicalia and Science Centre which will be the largest education center in Indonesia. In this Science Centre visitors can enjoy the biology, physics lab, insect museum, where we have a collection of thousands of butterflies, insects, shells and galleries etc. There is also a Downtown zone will be a culinary center where there are dozens of restaurants of various traditional dishes typical of Bogor.

Jungleland is a place for recreation, entertainment, and the perfect edutainment for families and can be enjoyed by all ages. Jungleland Adventure Theme Park designed in cool mountain areas with clean air and healthy, so the atmosphere is very convenient for sightseeing. With all new rides, spectacular, and the largest Science Centre in Indonesia, it is predicted will be visited Jungleland 8,000-10,000 visitors per day.

To serve visitors to the maximum, Jungleland mengkaryakan almost 1,000 workers with the nickname "Ranger" that will be placed in the various departments. Recruitment of employees is carried out according to the level of education and their respective fields.

Employee recruitment process is done through the gradual selection and selection the first step, i.e., psychological test and audition. Jungleland's presence is expected to help reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia through the provision of employment. In addition to reducing the density of tourists in Jakarta. Further information, you can visit the site Now, in Bogor, you can choose the theme parks of the Sun, The Jungle, or Jungleland.
Transport to Jungeland

If you're using public transportation, from the terminal Baranangsiang Bogor could use a transpakuan direction Bellanova, whereas the reply from the direction of Bubulak, Yasmin, can use the T transit 05 Laladon – Cileungsi, alight at Bellanova. From the direction of Cibubur, Cileungsi can also use T 05 Cileungsi – Laladon. From Bellanova will be provided special transit bus to Jungleland.
HTM Jungleland

For the weekday price of admission $ 120,000 per person, whereas for a weekend ticket price of Rp 175,000 per person. This sign-on tickets to enjoy all the rides in Jungleland.

Kilo Lima Beach – Luwuk, Central Sulawesi

Come to the Central sulawesi, precisely in the town of LUWUK, the city has a very attractive beach named Beach five kilos. The beach is very close to the town of luwuk, Central sulawesi. Called kilo lima as they are it is only a little over five kilometres from the town of luwuk.It is located on the edge of a highway and easily accessible by vehicle of any type. Views of offshore-very unusual, besides its underwater that is full of diversity. It has white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, beautiful coral.

There is a row of stalls, food stalls and cafes, you will also find a typical pangguh House residents around. There is a tourist area tirta and nautical, give a great adventure for visitors to enjoy the beauty of underwater five kilos of beach on the island, such as the Two in Balantak, and other coastal areas of meninggu investors to develop the potential of the natural beauty that exist.

Squeeze in for a visit to luwuk through air route, you'll pass this beach and was blown away when it saw it. Beach view Five Kilos, while sea water until it touches the parapet, but visitors can still play and swim in this beach due to its shallow, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches as well as choppy.
Pantai kilo lima - Luwuk, Sul-Teng-06

antai Kilo Lima adalah pantai yang terkenal di kota Luwuk - Indonesia

Pantai Kilo Limaÿÿÿÿ Obyek wisata-91023

Pantai Kilo Lima - Tentang Iondonesia-83391254

Pantai Kilo Lima yang Berjarak Hanya 5 Kilometer dari Kota Luwuk-05

Thailand's most popular tourist attraction

State shaped the Kingdom is indeed global, Thailand has a lot of amazing attractions. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok's famous, with a friendly and unpretentious. If Indonesia's Bengkulu province with icons of rafflesia flowers or palembang with the ampera bridge then Thailand-elephant icon.

There are an awful lot of Thailand tourist attraction however it is more viscous with shades of magnificent temples nan. Interestingly in Thailand turned out to be the cost of living is cheaper than the tablets in Indonesia, well definitely love donk streets with inexpensive cost. Differences in cost of living between Indonesia and Thailand 30% up to 50% hemmmm ...Want to get there? yuk refer to apa aja sih object used to be over there.

Following Thailand tourist attractions:

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and is the administrative center. In addition there are the buildings of skyscrapers there are transfortasi fast train in the city. Then 400 shrines, Gilded Buddha statues, Jim Thompson House (Central Thailand silk), Dusit Zoo zoo, Dream World, Snow Land and others.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

According to the history of the city of Chiang Mai was the center of the Lanna Kingdom, which is the origin country of Thailand. The city became a place of the Sea Games. Attractions located here Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (holiest shrine among other temples for Buddhists in Thailand), and then Old Lanna Wall (the wall is the oldest of the Lanna Kingdom), then there are impromptu market, shopping centre, Night Bazar shopping centre, and Bo sang Handicraft Village Center.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai

The city of cold temperature is located in the North of the country Thailand a̶p̶i̶. In the mountains of Chiang Rai will increasingly feel the chill of the air. In addition to the mountains in the city there are a number of unique, i.e. the Akha (his trademark shirt decorated with silver), the Palong (large eared and great beranting like punk times Yes heee), then the tribe of Karen (long-necked tribe because it deliberately in belit with metal).

This is the entertainment center of Thailand, namely Pattaya party town. There are two areas in the North of Pattaya (the northern part of rest and relax) and South (whereas the South is full of entertainment-rah rah and nightlife). In addition to the coast there is the Temple of Ban Amphur also Viharn Sian Chinese Statues where there are an awful lot of statues carved from Ming dynasty China here. Other notable tourist attractions in Pattaya Thailand is a Coral island/Ko Larn.

Phuket Beaches and Islands

Phuket Beaches and Islands
Beach chic and charming, that seems not low words to reveal the beauty of the island. Phuket in dubbed "the Pearl of the Andaman Sea" because here is full of natural charm. Romantic, cozy, beautiful Phuket's beautiful places until it became the main target of a honeymoon for the couple. Many beaches in Thailand other than those already mentioned there is also the beach is no less good at Hua Hin town and the coastal town of Mueang Songkhla named Sundak Beach


Gerupuk Coast, NTB

Indonesia is known to have a beach with the waves that are spoiling the surfer. One of them is the beach Gerupuk, NTB. The roll of waves is ready to create the sensation of fun surfing!
The beach is a beach in Gerupuk East of Kuta Beach, Lombok. This coast has the scenery nothing short of pulling it with the famous beaches in Indonesia.
In addition, the beach is also known as Gerupuk surf your favorite local tourists and foreign tourists. Waves on the beach as if there was no stopping spoil the surfer.

Uniquely, the beach has waves Gerupuk with different levels. Tourists will be escorted by guides to the desired spot to surf using a boat.
For those who are beginners, it is recommended to arrive to the Point of the Turtle. This place is a commonly used spot for tourists who are just learning to surf. 
At first it's hard to be able to stand on a surfboard. However, the exciting sensation you can get when you get to conquer the waves. Guaranteed, you'll be hooked and want to repeat it several times.
Happy surfing, tired already is sure to be felt. You can rest under the trees while enjoying views of the beach.Ordering food or drinks while enjoying a sunset looks like it could be your tired repellent.
happy travelling!


Bali Nusa Dua Beach Theater

You ever visited or at least have heard of Bali Nusa Dua TheaterIf not, it may be arguably a bit outrageous. Why? Bali Nusa Dua Beach Theater is a well-known entertainment venue in Bali and prestigious fair, which often displays a magnificent art attractions. Various typical Arts Nusantara shown here, dikolaborasikan between traditional Balinese arts and the Arts from a variety of other areas in Indonesia.
Devdan is a show that became an icon of this theater with the heading "treasures of the archipelago".Devdan often exhibited shows which is able to Captivate its visitors with all its splendor as well as their remarkable attractions. Devdan this elevates the art of illusion, dance culture, and acrobatic performances are packed as attractive as possible. Shows that usually lasts about 90 minutes this will bring in more penontonya know the culture and the arts nationwide.
The Core Performance

Devdan, generally tells the story of two young children who were lost in the jungle of Bali. In the middle of kesesatannya, they found a surprising thing, without excluding suspected they were able to travel across the island: a vast Archipelago. Some of them are going through: Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo to Papua. If ditelisik, it's a beautiful and rich natural and cultural turns our national.
Construction of the theater was started since 1998, but due to this country were suffering from the economic crisis mahadahsyat, finally be completed in 2010. Someone who is considered the most meritorious in the construction of this art is the other, i.e. Lindatini Suparosono Liaw. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy such as restaurants, hotels, parking areas and so on.
Bali Nusa Dua Beach Theater located in the BTDC Nusa Dua, Bali – Indonesia. The distance is about 24 km from the city of Denpasar.


Fashion House In Bandung

Fashion House In Bandung-Bandung is indeed worth mentioning as a mode of Indonesia because its people are literate fashion. Every fashion trend which is booming and many talked about is available in Bandung. Ranging from world-class mode often used artists of Hollywood, to fashion's nge-trend among artists of national and local. Bandung is indeed always glitters with fashion trends never out of date.

Therefore, if you intend or even being located in Bandung, stop by the fashion centers of the city Flower is the thing to do if you do not want to bermode not called or tacky. One of the locations you can go to a fashion house is not just the Bandung provide clothing with the trend of the present, but from the side of the building is also different from other pebelanjaan Center atmosphere.

Comfortable and Beautiful

Factory Outlet fashion house in Bandung was designed specifically to showcase the shopping atmosphere is comfortable, beautiful and very happy. Because of this, it's no wonder if this place really are ngetren among the fashionistas of Bandung city. The unique shape of this place is its not like building another shopping venue is looming, but more friendly and "grounded" a home with a spacious front garden ornaments complete with fountains.

It has a Factory outlet concept of one stop shopping where in one place can provide a wide range of clothing or garments that are trend-trennya. In addition to the latest fashions of clothes, bags, shoes, and other amenities are also equipped with a café to relax with my family or friend kongkow nor a friend after shopping.

For the issue price do not be too concerned. Guaranteed no striking difference in price with other places. At least there are a few items that cost just a little more expensive then with quality at its best.


Fashion House is located at Jalan Setiabudi, South Jakarta Bandung No.41. The location is very convenient and easy to reach.

Welcome To Visit!

Echo Beach In Bali

Echo Beach was above the reef but there is a sand beach-side ramps. The beach is right next to the beach of Canggu. While the coastline with Beaches of Kuta and Legian.
Echo Beach is perfect for those who love memadu or newlyweds because the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, and quiet. Privacy is really awake because the tourists had apparently not yet too many came to this location. Those who come here usually spend the day with activities such as sunbathing, swimming or surfing while waiting and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening when the Sun is preparing to return to its resting place.
The beach is very clean and kept clean. It is reasonable because the surfers who joined in an organization called Club Surf Community (CSC) in collaboration with the school of surf patrol hygiene on a regular basis to share the Brewers intended to clean up garbage-garbage around the location of the beach.

The Origin Of The Name

Originally named Stone Bach Mejan (Echo). But after building a restaurant called Restaurant Echo Beach, easy to remember by solo then the beach is named after Echo Beach attached to until recently. The current population is about 30% of income edged as farmers and fishermen, it can be seen from the existing rice fields when going to the site are boat or subsistence there are dipesisir beach.
As the development of the times and the number of tourists coming to the shore of Echo Beach, land and rice fields that were come within around the beach lot for sale and rent in order to provide tourism support facilities.

Location Of Echo Beach

Echo Beach in the village of Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency. It is about 14 km from the city of Denpasar or if converted to time about 48 minutes if taken from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Waterfall Tiu Kelep Lombok

Waterfall Tiu Kelep LombokAfter the happy feeling of freshness Sendang Gile waterfall. Now start you feel the beauty of the waterfalls Tiu Kelep.
Shocking news comes from one of them solo waterfall Tiu Kelep. Tourists outside the area named Roberto Guindolin, the origin of Trevisio, Italy explains very satisfied feeling the beauty of waterfalls Tiu Kelep. He compares this dish with a beautiful natural waterfall in Terni Perugia, Italy.
Footpaths and large volcanic rock decorated also of very large trees is really very unfortunate if not widely diffused. Very many visitors feel the natural panorama ni is the background to take photographs of cheerful with friends, family and even my beloved girlfriend. In addition, visitors and can be down the river that was filled with large rocks also crystal clear water that can be drunk directly.

Feeling tired of the consequences up and down a small hill about 35 m has been paid off when both eyes fixed in the water as a drink that has been around in plain sight. In the language of the native language of the tribe, Sasak Lombok, Tiu means a whirl. While the water overflow Kelep means the longer will disappear. Same with his name, in contrast to sendang Gile waterfall is a very large water so that tourists do not swim in under it. In waterfall Tiu Kelep is sandstone cliffs which helps, so that tourists can safely swim to enjoy clean fresh air.
Yet after its path to waterfall Tiu Kelep and beautiful waterfalls Tiu Kelep. most visitors also would be surprised, because the reflection of water on the stones will make you feel "light under water. Waterfall Tiu Kelep makin really showed his charm as the reflection of the water causes the water moans membiaskan sunlight ultimately formed a colorful Rainbow.
Guess amazed not just stop at there. On the way home, all travelers are able to pass through the irrigation channels that were made by the Chairman of the Sasak people around also. The Hall is as high as 2 m, a width of approximately 1 m and a length of 200 metres it gained the number one function to launch the water from Tiu Kelep to hundreds of acres community garden village of Senaru.
Serasa in fairyland, that is expressed by all visitors. Panorama of nature that it would leave the memories alone Dou's visitors. Not very many visitors have returned to enjoy coolness as well as the charm of the beauty of the foothills of Mount Rinjani.

Bandengan Beach in Central Java

In addition to the historical town of Jepara in which r.a. Kartini was born turns out also keeps the charm of its natural beauty. And still relating to Sunan Muria dakwahnya spread islam in Java. Pantai Bandengan Jepara including famous tourist attractions. It is located in the village of Bandengan Jepara, Jepara subdistrict, Regency, Central Java. Bandengan Beach completes the list of tourist destinations on the North coast of Java island.

Bandengan itself is the name of the granting of Sunan Muria. Then when about to cross to Karimun Jawa, found a lot of fish on the beach and Bandengan named Bandengan Beach. This beach has also become a favorite tourist attractions Raden Kartini at that time along with several counts of Netherlands.

Bandengan beach belongs to the lush with trees. There you can find lush shrubs and pandanus trees high. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and of course keep you entranced. Its base is of ramps so it is very suitable for a swim Beach attractions and beach volleyball. Bandengan Beach has another name i.e. the Beach Ocean Water.

Besides the charm of white sands, crystal clear seawater, and the green of the trees that make you satisfied there's more other attractions the island in the middle of the sea. The island was renamed Long Island. Many of the island's flora and fauna can be found. For to Long Island, you can menyesa the boat or ship. Enough with the Rp 5,000,-to surround and Idr 10.000,-to cross into long beach.

Bandengan Beach if you visit at dusk, will certainly enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunset. This very romantic moment for family or photograph with colleagues. Wonderful sunset will be more complete with dine in restaurants along the beach. There is a restaurant that offers pizza, seafood, and other culinary specialties of Jepara.
Bandengan beach facilities

As many tourist attractions visited by tourists, bandengan already equipped with various public facilities such as shelter (temporary resting place in a coastal location), ship tours, a small mosque, toliet and a public bath, a mini market, motel/lodging houses, cinemas, (which you can buy special food such as shellfish stew, blue, fish, boiled and roasted, srani), and others.

For you who like the challenge of water games, can try Banana Boat ride. Enough with the hiring of Rp 75,000, you can test your adrenaline on the banana boat. In addition, there is also jet ski rentals, atv, and a canoe for one or two people. Water play is finished, you can go get cleaned up in the bathroom that has been provided.
Bandengan Beach access

As the famous tourist attractions, it is not hard to find transport to the beach bandengan. Pemda Jepara Regency already provides a variety of means of the road and the choice of mode of transportation. From anywhere such as Semarang, Demak, Kudus, Purwodadi, or more simply headed to the bus terminal of Jepara. From the bus terminal, there are already direct public transport to the beach Bandengan cost about Rp 5,000,-. In addition to Jepara Bandengan Beach to visit, you can also have a look at a typical of Jepara carving which has been renowned throughout Indonesia and the world.