Beautiful Beach on the Isla Partida

This beautiful beach is located on the Isla Partida in the Gulf of California. The island is part of the San Lorenzo Marine Archipelago National Park and protected by UNESCO as biospheres.

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The Early History Of The Origin Name Of Bali

The arrival of a Maha Rsi Markandeya , the 7th century had a major impact on the lives of the people of Bali. He is a hemit on mount Raung, East Java.

One day he got the magic wishper of God to reside in the east of the island of Dawa ( the Island of Java now). Dawa means the lenght, because it used to be that the islands of java and Bali were the mainland.

Followed by 800 followers, he began moving toward the east which is still wilderness. when he arrived in the west area of Bali, Now named as jembrana, many of his followers were killed by tigers and snakes that inhabit in the forest. Finally he decided to return to Mount Raung to meditate and seek new followers.

With the strong spirit and determination, he traveled for the second time and arrived at the foot of Mount Agung, where now is the place called Basakih.

Prior to his followers cleared the forest, he carried out the ritual planting of Panca Dhatu, namely the five types of metals that are believed to be able to withstand the hazards.Deforestation was done to bring success to his followers and the are was used for paddy fields, building farms, hauses and temples called Wasukih ( Besakih).

In this place he taught religion to his followers to call God by name Sanghyang Widhiwasa, by the way of worshiping the sacred light ( Solar Sewana ) three time a day, complate with equipment for bebali / offering that contain three elements: Water, Fire and fragnant flowers.

Bali map

gradually, his followers began to spread intothe surronding area, so the area is named as Bali, a region that uses all Bebali (offering)
It can be concluded that the name comes from the word Bebali, meaning Offering

Confirmed again in the book of the Ramayana who complied 1200SM : " There is a place in the eastern DawaDwipa named ValiDwipa, where God is given plesure by the inhabitants of Bebali ( offering)."

DwipaVali, Vali is the name for island which was then transformed into phonemes, or the island of Bali offering. This interpretation is not wrong to see the Balinese did not get away from  in carrying out their daily lives


Gili Trawangan Accommodation : Gili Eco Villas, It is perfect Villa

Gili Trawangan is the most phenomenal gili in Lombok compared by other Gilis, the Gili island make a policy, it has no Car, No Motorbike and No dog to ensure the cleanness of the island, so we don't have to worry about the air we've breathe.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

And when we are talking about the Gili trawangan Accommodation, There are more than 50 accommodations , from the cheap hotel to the exclusive Villa are here.and this time you will know one of the exotic villa in Gili Trawangan, Located on Gili trawangan, Gili Eco Villas is a beachfront getaway with solar energy. It offers an outdoor pool, massage services, and a glass-bottom boat tour.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Eco Villas can be reached via boat transfer service operating between Bali, Gili Trawangan and Lombok. The journey will take between 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on departure point.

Villas at Gili Eco equipped with furniture made ​​from recycled teak wood. The living room has a comfortable rattan sofa, while the kitchen includes a gas stove and refrigerator. Each villa has an open shower area.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

this gili trawangan accommodation is perfect for the family tour,you can rent a very wide Villa with the ocean view, and it has a private beach too. you can check-in at 12.00 pm and check out at 10.00 pm.

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

Gili Trawangan Accommodation

For one big Villa with 2 Room you can rent only 210 USD per night, you can pay by credit card ( Mastercard)


Gili Sunut - Unpop Gili ( Island ) Island In South Lombok But,....

Gili Islands or Small Islands would always be part of the Lombok Island, one of the familiar for the tourist is Gili Trawangan in North Lombok, in addition to the south Lombok there are a few Gili islands, the Unpopular Gili but seem as beautiful as Gili island in North Lombok.

Gili island

 Gili island

 Gili island

Gili island

Gili Sunut, one of  the small island ( Gili ) in south of East Lombok region. located in Pemongkong Village,  Jerowaru. the area of south lombok tourism. close to Tanjung Ringgit.

lombok map

 Gili island

 Gili island

There are some differences that make Gili sunut deserved to visit, beside the gili can be reached by walking, the beach of gili sunut also fairly quiet with white sand and cliffs that are covered the beach. Green color of the lawn ornaments also make it more beautiful. you can feel the peacefully of nature unite into your body along with Gili sunut's air you breathe.

 Gili island
pearl farms

 Gili island in South Lombok

 Gili island

according to official government east Lombok site, Gili Sunut currently inhabited by 109 heads of households with the main livelihood is fishing. The general condition of Gili Sunut in support of a potential tourism activities, especially for the development of tourism and the development of pearl farming.

the route to Gili sunut is same with tourism route to Tanjung Ringgit or tanjung Bloam,If you want to visit this gili island, you should be accompanied by a guide, or ask the native about the route at the time in Jerowaru.

And one more thing important is keep the island clean, don't leave any of the trash. it is important to save our Earth.

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Released the Sea Turtles In Sheraton Senggigi _ It Should Have Became A Tradition

Besides breeding Pearls, and the famous beauty of the Lombok tourism spot, Lombok also has a concern for the survival of sea turtles, for that in some places, such as Gili Nanggu there are turtle breeding,and if a little sea turtles (tukik) is old enough, they will be released into the ocean.

As it has be done by the Sheraton Senggigi Hotel, a positive moment for the hotel that was able to invite the tourists to jointly undertake the maintenance of the natural habitat of sea turtle extinction.

According to the staff environment of Sheraton Senggigi, Marzuki, at least 5000 little sea turtles since 2006 that have been released,the funding for turtle breeding funded by the Sheraton and donations from the tourists who stay there.

Unwittingly releasing the sea turtles performed every Thursday, became teaser for the tourists to stay at the sheraton Senggigi Hotel, said director of sales, Jelantik suharta

Let save the World

The Hidden Lombok Tourism In Kuta Lombok

Tanjung Aan or also better known as Kuta lombok or Mandalika Resort is a Lombok Tourism that is projected to be like Senggigi or Gili Trawangan, where they both become the main tourism of Lombok.

Unlike them both, where there are many hotels, accommodations and public facilities, kuta is relatively quiet, the accommodations is only a few , the best only hotel in kuta is Novotel. And if you are private atmosphere lover, Kuta Lombok hides many beautiful spots that not as much people as know, like Tampah beach, and the picture below.

From the information of the site, there are amazing spot in the region of kuta Lombok (Mandalika Resort), a spot which there are a lot of mangroves and has calm waves, there are also black coral rocks which is add the charm of its beauty.

Not described in detail what is the name of spot, and if you want to get there, from a Kuta beach there is a driveway that is located close to the row of stalls that towards novotel" said @lombokkita

Let's visit it, let's lying down the Lombok beach


Elaq-Elaq Beach - Better than Senggigi Beach....

Ela-Ela Beach (Elaq-Elaq), located in  Tawun village,part of  Sekotong close to Sundancer Resort. Why the name is Ela-Ela? In Sasak language "Ela" means tongue, because the beach is such a little tiny cape length, similar to a tongue, so  Sasak People called Ela Ela.

This Lombok beach  is very natural, clean white sand. The sand is very smooth and mixed with broken pieces of coral and conch houses, small shells, etc.,it is very exotic. On the opposite end of the cape there is A Small Island (Gili), named Gili penyu (Turtle). If it was low tide so we can cross to gili penyu by walking, a distance of about 200 meters. and when you walking there are a lot of starfish scattered, maybe a hundreds , unfortunately there is only one color, similar to a sand color.

Gili Penyu is only a small hill, full of scrub brush and uninhabited, usually used by people around for fishing spot. To get a good view, we have to climb up the hill, and you will see several small islands located in the west of  Lombok  island

 Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

Lombok Beach
Ela-Ela beach, looked from Gili Penyu

Elaq-Elaq beach - Lombok Beach

 Lombok Beach

Enjoy the beach, Enjoy Lombok