Rescinder Beach In Mexico

Holiday at the beach becomesamandatoryoptionfor tourists who love the natural beauty of the seaand the beach. Manybeachesareservingthe natural beauty of the sea, one of is a popular beachin Mexico. This beach iscalledPlayaZipoliteBeach, the name "Zipolite" means literally is "beachof the dead". Even ,somany people are on vacationat the Playa Zipolite beach .

this beach thatallowthe travelersto feel the beauty ofthe beach with no clothesis already familiar inarroundthe tourists in theworld, so it is  unraely tourists who come to thispleasant beach justfor making funwith theirpartner. Not only that, Zipolite beach also offers sand that stretched as far as 40 kilometers and has a bluish-green color of the water. Becouse of the wonderful view of this beach that make BlockbusterMexicofor making filmhere.

However, you must be careful when
you are on vacationto this beach. Because thebigwaves is so strong inthe evening. In fact, withevery tourist who come heredrowned while swimming at this beach. This is the one of the reasonthatthis beach is alsoreferred  as the rescinder beach. So thats way, ifthestate of the tide, you should preparesafety equipment beforeyouthrowyourselfinto the sea, oryoushould be cancel to swim in thisbeachwhich is really famous for the wondeful view, but sensitivewiththreatened.

From some of the events that have claimed the lives of several tourists both local and foreign,coastal managers finally put flags on the critical points of the sink. Then, they invented the tower to monitor and safeguard swimmers when
you are swimmingat this beach. This is notanotherto improve safety in this beach.


The Great beach in France : Bora- Bora

Bora-Bora is a tourist destination that elegant with some resorts and bungalows are luxurious. bungalow into a separate panorama of the beauty fom Bora-bora beach which is located in French Polynesia, Europe. If you are visiting the island with white sand, absolutly you will feel at home with an atmosphere that is so beautiful and peaceful with the expanse of sea and sprinkles adorning the underwater reef.

Trip to the  Bora bora island will take a long time aound  seven and a half hours from Los Angeles. Then get on a plane to a small airport in Bora Bora Motu Mute. Despite need a long time to go there, tiredness and fatigue will be paid instantly when you arrivetat the Bora Bora island.
If you are a lover of nature and sea, you must come to Bora-boa island. This island offers the beauty of nature and the sea. Bora-Bora Island is part of  islands group in the south Pacific Ocean is called French Polynesia. Bora-Bora Island is also surrounded by a lagoon and big rocks.

The Incredible views of the beautiful twin peaks Otemanu Pahia that makes the Bora-Bora island is known as the most romantic island. Bora-Bora Island has bungalows are located on the water. And this is what makes the bora-bora island become  prime destination than the other islands in French Polynesia.

This bungalow can be reached by a boat
only. The floor of  bungalow made ​​of glass so you and your partner can see the fish swimming under you. Not only that, Bora-Bora islandalso offers shark feeding experience directly from your hand. Of course, if you dare.

at is describing of Bora Bora beach in France, and thanks for visiting the blog Great Beach.

The Great beach in australia

Making vocation in beach is one of actitivity that waited by tourist. Sometimes a number of people must hunt a good location for beach that have a best category in laman news. Here they are eight beaches in the category of the most popular and the great beach in  the land of kangaroos, Australia.

1. Norries Head, Tweed Coast, New South Wales
A  small beach is known by locals as caba. This beach is very popular as place for watchingthe whales migrate

2. Seventy Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland
This beach has a very long line and surrounded by multi-colored sand dunes, springs, freshwater lakes, rainforests and wildlife.
3. Trouser Beach, Flinders Island, Tasmania
With panoramic views of granite, calm waters and green forests, this beach is a place for swimming, snorkeling or fishing.
4. Tidal River, Wilsons Promotory, Victoria
Set in a dramatic landscape, this beach which is pue has proximity to a national park that vey popular location.

5. Pirates Bay, Tasmania
This beach is eally famous as a best location in tasmania because it has a lot of residual wrecks and beautiful caves.

6. Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia     
A popular place for the divers and underwater photographers becouse it has clear water and many beautiful views of the marine life.

7. Crescent Head, New South Wales
This beach is one of the favorite activities of surfing or the other activity to hold the event in a safe swim with all of the families.

8. Little Beach, Two People Bay Nature Reserve,  Western Australia
Amazing picture of clear water into the mainstay of this coast, in addition to its landscape, surrounded by rows of hills and steep cliffs are beautiful.

That's 8 The Great beach in australia.