Lombok Food : Sate Bulayak

Looking bulayak satay dish, it is very tempting to eat. With the dominance of coconut milk and spicy flavors in each dish is a typical of Lombok Food. As Pelecing Kangkong satay bulayak seller can be found easily in the corners of the city of Mataram.

Named Bulayak satay because satay serve with rice cake made ​​of glutinous rice. This Rice Cake called bulayak. Here is the uniqueness, where satay always combined with bulayak, so it becomes a tempting menu package to taste. Beef, or chicken, and if it is served with the meat stick, It is ready baked / roasted.

LOmbok Food

LOmbok Food - sate Bulaya

Sate greased with Seasoning consists of crushed roasted peanuts that are boiled with coconut milk and a few other spices. The flavor of the spices-like curry. 

If you like spicy food you can add cayenne (rawit)that is cut into small pieces and sprinkle over Satay that have been seasoned.